A unique Kids' Theater Experience in beautiful Big Sur California

Program History


Program History

S tagekids!, created in 1998, is an annual performance-based summer theater program in Big Sur, California. The program developed out of the Community’s need for activities to engage it’s local youth during the long summer school break. The nature of the topography, the long distances between homes and meeting places, and the economic and multi-cultural make-up of the region means that many kids are isolated from their peers and rarely have an opportunity to meet outside of school. The program has been a way to unite the youth and the community of Big Sur as well as initiate creative teamwork and explore leadership roles for the participants. The age span for participating students has been left decidedly wide, 6 to 17 years old.

T he continual existence of the summer program is a testament to the incredible and hard work of local Big Sur families, parents, teachers, artists, kids and fans. It is not only a kids program, but a community program as well. Every summer Stage Kids! makes Big Sur Grange Hall its home. The Grange, which has hosted the program since its inception in 1998, is the only public multi-use community center in the region, and Stagekids! is its largest annual contributor. This is another example of how StageKids! gives back to the entire Big Sur community.

T he success of StageKids! and the enthusiasm of the participants has also provided a catalyst for other seasonal programs such as Teen Week and Singing Camp. Both programs give students the opportunity to work in a more in-depth manner, exploring musical theatre and drama, advanced theatre games and exercises, as well as learning the importance of collaboration and leadership as tools for creativity.


About Us

StageKids is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization located in the Big Sur area of the California coast between San Francisco and Los Angeles. We offer a unique theater experience to kids, ages 6 to 17, each summer during July for 1, 2, or 3 weeks. Find out more on our About Page.